1. Interchangeable standard ground glass joints

    Interchangeable standard ground glass joints


    In Organic Chemistry laboratories, ground glass joints are frequently used to assemble leak-tight apparatus which includes the parts made with interchangeable ground jointFor all the joints in standard taper glassware have been carefully ground so that they are exactly the same size ,and all the pieces fit together interchangeable.Every joint in the Laboyglass facility will go through three processes: two in the machine, then hand grinding to ensure leak-free operation.

    Laboy reducing adapter with 1420 female joint and 2440 male joint

    Take a connecting adapter as example,the top 14/20 joint is an outer joint with the ground glass surface facing inward,we also call it a female joint.The lower 24/40 joint is an inner joint with the ground glass surface facing outward,we also call it a male joint.

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  2. How to separate stuck glass joints

    Jointed lab glassware such as glass flasks, separatory funnels, and condensers are the most commonly used glassware in chemical and biological analysis laboratories. For various reasons, the glass joints often stick together, making it difficult to open. If brute force is used, the glassware will be damaged, and the user may injure themselves by cutting their hands.

    If you ever find yourself in a case where you are unable to open a glass joint, you will want to use the fastest and most effective method available. Below are some suggestions for your consideration.

    1. Freezing method: place it in the freezer for approximately 1 hour, then remove it.
    2. Heating method: for a short length of time, use a hair dryer with a hot air eat sweep.
    3. Immersion method: soak in water and try to open the plug with the end of the plug as far as possible in the water. You can soak in hot water again if required. 

        4 manual method: gently

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