Sale Advanced Chemistry Lab Glassware Kit 24/40

Advanced Chemistry Lab Glassware Kit 24/40

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Totally New, All Joint Size:24/40


1.Claisen Adapter,3-Way, 24/40 Joints1Pc

2.Thermometer Adapter,Three-Way,24/40,Lab Glassware 1Pcs

3.Vacuum Take-Off Adapter,105DGRBend,24/40,Lab Glassware 1Pcs

4.Three Way Adapter,24/40,105DGR1Pcs

5.Round Bottom Flask,2- Neck,1000ml,24/40,Heavy Wall1Pcs

6.Round Bottom Flask,Single Neck,1000ml,24/40,Heavy Wall 1Pcs

7. Round Bottom Flask,3-Neck,500ml,24/40,Heavy Wall,Angled 1Pcs

8.2-Neck Round Bottom Flask,Angled,250ml,24/40 Joints 1Pcs

9.Liebig Condenser,24/40 ,300mm, Lab Glassware 1Pcs

10.Distilling Column,Vigreux,24/40, 200mm 1Pcs

11.Graham Condenser,24/40 ,300mm,Lab Glassware 1Pcs

12.Allihn Condenser,24/40 ,300mm,10ml Hose Connection 1Pcs

10.250ml Separatory Funnel,,24/40,Glass Stopper,Lab Glass 1Pcs

11.24/40 Hollow Glass Stopper 4Pc

12.24/40 Plastic Clip For Standard Taper Joint,10 Pcs

All Items Are Made By Hand-Blowing ,With Uniform Wall Thickness.


Totally new, All joint size:24/40


1.Claisen adapter,3-way, 24/40 joints1pc

2.Thermometer adapter,three-way,24/40,lab glassware 1pcs

3.Vacuum take-off adapter,105°bend,24/40,lab glassware 1pcs

4.Three way adapter,24/40,105°1pcs

5.Round bottom flask,2- neck,1000ml,24/40,heavy wall1pcs

6.Round bottom flask,single neck,1000ml,24/40,heavy wall 1pcs

7. Round bottom flask,3-neck,500ml,24/40,heavy wall,angled 1pcs

8.2-neck round bottom flask,angled,250ml,24/40 joints 1pcs

9.Liebig condenser,24/40 ,300mm, lab glassware 1pcs

10.Distilling column,vigreux,24/40, 200mm 1pcs

11.Graham condenser,24/40 ,300mm,lab glassware 1pcs

12.Allihn condenser,24/40 ,300mm,10ml hose connection 1pcs

10.250ml Separatory funnel,,24/40,glass stopper,lab glass 1pcs

11.24/40 hollow glass stopper 4pc

12.24/40 plastic clip for standard taper joint,10 pcs

All items are made by hand-blowing ,with uniform wall thickness.

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