Laboy Glass Vigreux Fractionating Column for Organic Chemistry Fractional Distillation

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  • The distillation column,also named vigreux column designed with deep pointed intendations in its sidewall to increase the surface area for liquid to condense
  • With two standard taper joints at both ends to connect a distillation flask and a condenser using a three way distillation adapter.
  • Used in the fractional distillation to separatory liquids which have close boiling point,The vigreux column acts as a small condenser, makes liquids with higher boiling points fall back down into the distilling flask.
  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass tubing by hand-blowing,durable,reusable
  • 100% 45 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE simply return for a full refund without any reason,no questions asked.

A fractionating column or fractional column ,is a glass tube designed with many deep pointed intendations in its sidewall and two taper joints at both ends, used in laboratory fractional distillation in organic chemistry.This distillation column with vigreux belongs to air-cooled type condenser.Used in chemistry experiments involving fractional distillations or for separating two parts of a mixture based on their boiling points.

With top outer and bottom inner joints.The lower joint usually fits a distillation flask with standard female joint,the upper joint connects a three way distillation adapter.

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