Material: Borosilicate Glass(PYREX Glass)

Silicon content >80%
Strain and Temperature 520℃
Annealing temperature 800℃
Index of refraction 1.47
Transmittance ≧90%
Elastic modulus E 67KNmm-2
Tensile strength 40-120Nmm-2
Processing temperature(104dpas) 1220℃
Coefficient thermal expansion (20-300℃) (3.3±0.1)×10-6/K -1
Poisson's ratio μ 0.2
Density(20℃) 2.23g/cm3
Specific heat 0.9Jg-1K-1
Thermal conductivity (20-100℃)1.2Wm-1K-1
Water resistance 1 Level
Acid resistance 1 Level
Alkali resistance 2 Level
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