Laboy Glass Organic Chemistry Kit Lab Glassware

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Organic Chemistry Kit With 14/20 Joints
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Organic Chemistry Kit 19/22
Special Price $175.00 Regular Price $299.00
Organic Chemistry Kit 19/22 With 3-Neck 500ml Flask
Special Price $179.30 Regular Price $209.30
Organic Chemistry Kit 24/40
Special Price $180.00 Regular Price $338.00
Organic Chemistry Kit 29/42
Special Price $206.00 Regular Price $364.00
Including; 1.500mL Round Bottom Flask 2.250mL Round Bottom Flask 3.100mL Round Bottom Flask 4.50mL Round Bottom Flask 5.25mL Round Bottom Flask 6.Thermometer Adapter 7.Vaccum Take-Off Adapter 8.Claisen Adapter 9.Distillation Adapter,75DGR Angle 10.Distillation Column,200mm Jacket Length 11.West Condenser,190mm Jacket Length 12.Separatory Funnel,125mL 13.Hollow Glass Stopper 14.Kerosene Thermomter 15.Plastic Joint Clip

The organic chemistry glassware set includes 14 pieces of jointed lab glassware , necessary to perform fundamental organic laboratory activities for teaching or stubdying in organic chemistry.

The glassware are with interchangable ground taper joints,which can be used in laboratories to quickly and easily fit leak-tight apparatus together from commonly available parts.For example, in this kit, the flasks ,thermoter adapter, west condenser or distillation condenser, separtory funnel, take-off adapter can be assembled together to set up a distillation apparatus.

The kit also includes five different size flasks from 25mL to 500mL for multi purpose.

The listing below is for the detailed components:

  1. 500mL single neck round bottom glass flask 1pcs
  2. 250mL single neck round bottom glass flask 1pcs
  3. 100mL single neck round bottom glass flask 1pcs
  4. 50mL single neck round bottom glass flask 1pcs
  5. 25mL single neck round bottom glass flask 1pcs
  6. Thermometer adapter with inlet compression cap 1pcs
  7. Penny head hollow glass stopper 1pcs
  8. Kerosene thermomter made of glass 1pcs
  9. Distillation Column, 200mm jacket Length 1pcs
  10. West condenser, 190mm jacket Length 1pcs
  11. Separatory funnel, 125Ml 1pcs
  12. Vacuum take-off adapter 1pcs
  13. Claisen adapter 1pcs
  14. Distillation adapter, 75Angle 1pcs
  15. Joint clps 5pcs

Single neck round bottom boiling flask distillation flaskpenny head glass stopperclaisen adapter with 3 standard taper jointsDistillation adatper with 3 way joints

Single Neck Round Bottom Flask

There are five single neck round flasks in this kit, including 25ml,50mL,100mL,250mL,500mL.These flasks can be used as receiving flask or distillation flask in the distillation apparatus.

Penny head Hollow Glass Stopper

Penny head glass stopper,with ground taper inner joint.

Claisen Glass Adapter

This claisen adapter has two upper outer joint to attach the separatory funnel for adding liquid and the biomass flask.

With one lower inner joint to connect the distillation flask,the vapor will

3 way Distillation Adapter

The 3 way distillation adapter is used to connect the biomass flask and the west condenser in the distillation apparatus.

glass take off adapter 24 40 adapterglass west condenser lab glasswareglass distillation condenser 200mm125ml separatory funnel with 24 40 joint

Glass Take-off Adapter

This short stem 105DGR bent take off adapter with sealed-in drip tip is used to connect a condenser to a receiving flask for vacuum distillation. with 10mm serrated hose connection,fit with 8mm I.D.rubber tubing.

Wes Condenser

The west condenser is with narrow annular space for high cooling efficiency.

Glass Distillation Condenser

With Indentations At Bottom Jacket Permists The Column To Be Used As A Condenser With Glass Hose Connections

Glass Separatory Funnel 125mL

The separatory funnel is also known as separation funnel, separating funnel, or colloquially sep funnel, is a piece of laboratory glassware used in liquid-liquid extractions to separate the components of a mixture into two immiscible solvent phases of different densities. With shape of a cone and PTFE stopcock at bottom,and with a standard taper outer joint at top,an inner joint at bottom.

Polyacetal Conical Joint Clipsglass thermometerglass thermometer

Polyacetal Conical Joint Clips

Plastic Joint Clip For 24# Standard Taper Joint. Made of polyacetal,Withstand temperatures up to 302 degree F (150 degree C),not resistant to the corrosive gases.

Glass Kerosene thermomter

Glass kerosene thermomter ,used to fit the thermometer adapter in the distillation apparatus.


With a compression cap accomodates 5.0-7.5mm O.D.thermomter use it as a syringe port . With standard taper inner joint,can be fit for any apparatus with outer joint.

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