Laboy Glass Fractional Distillaton Apparatus Kit Fractionating Distilling Set with 24/40 Joints & Vigreux Column Organic Chemistry Lab Glassware Equipment

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Fractional Distillation is used to separate liquids with closer boiling points,with the fractional column, the vaporization and condensations take place repeatedly before the distillate is collected,the components of a mixture can be separated in a more efficient way.
This fractional distillation apparatus kit supplied by Laboy is similar to the simple distillation apparatus but with a vigreux column, which can be replaced by a packed distillation column as the fractional column.The column is placed between the distillation flask and the distilling head of the distillation apparatus and provides a large surface area over which a number of separate liquid-vapor equilibria can occur.

Laboy glassware are all made of high quality boroslicate glass according to ASTM E438,heavy wall design,durable and reusable.The ground joints are precisely grounded according to US standard.
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Fractional distillation is used for mixtures containing chemicals with boiling points close to each other in order to separate the components by repeated vaporization-condensation cycles within a packed fractionating column.Similar to simple distillation but the process is repeated many times.In practise,placing a fractional column between the distillation flask and the distillation head in a simple distillation apparatus makes a fractional distillation apparatus.
1.1000mL round bottom flask used as a distillation flask. 1pcs
2.500mL round bottom flask used as a receiving flask,(it is necessary to have at least two receiving flasks for collecting the initial distillate and the desired fraction) 1pcs
3.250mL erlenmeyer flask used as a receiving flask.(it is neccessary to have at least two receiving flasks for collecting the initial distillate and the desired fraction) 1pcs
4.Three way distilling adapter with a thermometer cap, used to connect the boiling flask and the condenser,also used as a distillation head accommodating a thermometer to monitor the vapor’s temperature. 1pcs
5.Liebig condenser 200mm in jacket length with two glass hose connections with 10mm the largest serration. 1pcs
6.Vigreux condenser 200mm in vigreux length 1pcs
7.Vacuum take off adapter used to attach the 500mL round bottom flask or the 250mL erlenmeyer flask to serve as the receiving vessel.1pcs
8.Kerosene thermometer temp range from 0-200 °C.1pcs
9 .16Ft Rubber Tubing 8 mm I.D.11 mm O.D. for 10 mm Hose Connection.1pcs
10.Cork stand for 1000mL flask 1pcs
11.Cork stand for 500mL flask 1pcs
12.24# plastic joint clip to fix the 24/40 standard tap joints 5pcs

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