Laboy Glass 2L Solvent Still Head Apparatus Set Continuous Still Systems Distillation Chemistry Lab Glassware Kit

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  • DESIGN-----This is complete solvent still apparatus with solvent still head, coiled condenser,distillation flask,addtion funnel,vacuum or inert gas adapter,penny head hollow glass stopper,rubber septum,conical joint clips.The solvent still head is the key component in this set.It features a syringe port with 4mm straight bore PTFE stopcock and 14/20 outer joint to accommodate a syringe needle,with a drainage port with 2mm T bore PTFE stopcock and 14/20 inner joint.
  • USE------The solvent still head is used for distillation and collection of oxygen free solvents.It uaually used with a distillation flask (round bottom flask with 24/40 joint,the capacity should be larger than the still head),a jacketed reflux condenser(liebig,graham,allihn,coiled,reflux),a vacuum or inert adapter to connect a vacuum or inert gas source from schlenk line through an oil bubbler,a rubber septum,a receiving vessel(erlenmeyer flask, flat bottom flask with 14/20 joint).
  • DIMENISIONS-----The capacity of the round bottom flask is 2000mL ,the capacity of the solvent still head is 1000mL, the coiled condenser is 200mm in jacket length,all of them are with 24/40 joints ,except the 14/20 joints on the syringe port and drainage port .
  • HEAVY WALL ---This lab glassware is heavy-wall designed , made by hand-blowing according to ASTM E438 ,made of high-quality borosilicate glass and annealed at 800 degree Celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in Chemistry processes like heating and cooling,durable and reusable.
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This is a complete solvent still apparatus used for distillation and collection of oxygen free solvents,including:

1.1pcs 1000mL solvent still head with syringe port and drainage port for liquid transfer.The     joints on the ports are 14/20,the top and bottom joints are 24/40.
2.1pcs 200mm coiled condenser with 24/40 joints for condensing.
3.1pcs 2000mL 2 neck round bottom flask with 24/40 joints
4.1pcs 100mL powder funnel with 24/40 joint
5.1pcs vacuum or inert gas adapter with 24/40 joint
6.1pcs penny head hollow glass stopper
7.10pcs 14# rubber septum.
8.5pcs 24# alloy joint clips
9.5pcs 24# plastic joint clips

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