Laboy Glass Steam Distillation Apparatus for Essential Oil Extraction Lab Glassware Kit 25pcs

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Product Features

•Steam distillation apparatus
•With 24/40 joints
•for producing essential oil
•Made of boroslicate glass3.3
•Made by hand-blowing


This is a steam distillation apparatus for producing essential oils.
The glassware parts are all made of high quality borosilicate glass and annealed at 800 degree Celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in chemistry processes like heating and cooling.
The glass apparatus in this kit are with 24/40 interchangeable taper joints, the joints are precision grounded with an extra hand grounding process to ensure leak free.
The kit is including:
1.500ml single neck round bottom flask,to be filled with water heated by a hot plate as a boiling flask,1pcs.
2.Three-way claisen adapter with 24/40 joints,one of the top joints is used to connect a addition funnel,the other one is connected with a biomass flask.1pcs.
3.125ml separatory funnel with 24/40 joints at top and bottom,to be used as an addition funnel in this setup,which can transfer water to the boiling flask if necessary.1pcs
4.Biomass flask with 24/20 top outer and bottom inner joint.Put plant materical which is suitable for steam distillation in the biomass flask.1pcs.
5.Three-way distillation adapter with 24/40 joints,to be used as a distill head in this setup,connects with a west condenser.
6.West condenser with 24/40 joints and 200mm in jacket length,with 10mm glass hose connection commodating 8mm I.D.rubber tubing for cold water in and out,condenses the vapor from distillation.1pcs.
7.Distillation adapter bent at 105 degree,which connects the condenser and separatory funnel.1pcs.
8.500ml flat bottom flask with 24/40 joints,to be used as receiving flask,2pcs.
9.125ml separatory funnel with top and bottom 24/40 joints,to be used as a separating funenl.1 pcs.
10.24#Plastic joint clip for connecting and fixing two glasswares.10pcs.
11.Penny-head glass stopper with 24/40 joint 2pcs.
12.16ft Rubber tubing with 8mm I.D. and 11mm O.D.1pcs.
13.Cork stand for 500ml round bottom flask.1pcs.