Allihn Condenser For Soxhlet Extractor With 55/50 Joint 300mm In Jacket Length 405mm Overall Height

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  • This is a special allihn condenser only with 34/45 bottom male joint inserting to a soxhlet extractor body ,the size is larger with an inner tube consisting of a series of bulbs which increase the surface area availiable for vapor condensation surrounded by an outer jacket tube.This design can improve the cooling performance,in practise, the allihn condenser can be replaced by a liebig condenser, coiled condenser,dirmoth condenser or graham condenser used as a reflux condenser.
  • In a soxhlet extraction apparatus, this allihn condenser with lower male joint attached the soxhlet extractor body cools the solvent vapour from the boiling flask and drips back down into the thimble containing the solid material. With 10mm O.D.hose connections at top and bottom accommodating 8mm I.D.rubber tubing,the cool water flows in from the lower hose ,and flows out from the upper hose.
  • The glass allihn condenser is with 55/50 male joint, 300mm in jacket length 405mn overall height
  • Laboy glass ware are all made of high quality boroslicate glass according to ASTM E438,heavy wall design,durable and reusable.The ground joints are precisely grounded according to US standard.


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The Allihn condenser is designed with a a wider bore at the bottom condensing the liquid on the "bubbles" where it can run down the sides and avoid blocking the vapor. Comparing to the liebig condenser, the allihn condenser is designed having inner glass tube with a series of spherical bubbles to maximize the thermal contact with the cooling water,and has better cooling performance.
This allihn condenser with 55/50 joint is placed upon the soxhlet extractor to circulate the solvent and ensure that any solvent vapor cools, and drips back down into the chamber housing the solid material. With glass hose connections having an O.D.of 10mm,to be used with 8mm I.D.rubber tubing for water in and out,the cool water will flow in from the lower hose and flow out from the upper hose.In a soxhlet extraction apparatus, an allihn condenser is placed vertically and used as a reflux condenser .
The jacket length is 300mm. The overall height is 405mm.
Laboy glass are all made of high quality borosilicate glass 3.3 having very low coefficients of thermal expansion for resistance to heat, and a very high resistance to chemical attack.Annealed at 800 degree Celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in Chemistry processes like heating and cooling.
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