Distillation Set 24/40 Distilling Apparatus Lab Glassware Kit

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  • Distillation kit
  • With 24/40 joints
  • Liebig condenser
  • Round bottom flask
  • Made by hand-blowing


The kit is including:

  • 1.Separatory funnel 250ml with two 24/40 joints and 4mm PTFE stopcock 1pcs
  • 2.Three-neck angled round bottom flask with 24/40 center joint and side joints 1000ml 1pcs
  • 3.Three-way distilling adapter vigreux with 10/30 top thermometer joint and 24/40 lower joints 1pcs
  • 5.Vacuum/argon adapter 24/40 1pcs
  • 6.Vacuum take-off adapter short stem 24/40 1pcs
  • 7.liebig condenser with 24/40 joint 300mm in jacket length 1pcs
  • 8.Single neck round bottom flask 24/40 1000ml 1pcs
  • 9.Plastic clip for 24/40 standard taper joint 3pcs
  • 10.Laboratory jack 200X200mm in size 290mm in max height 1pcs
  • 11.Cork stand 140mm in diameter for 1000ml flask 1pcs