Organic Chemistry Kit 29/42

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Including; 1.500ml Round Bottom Flask 2.250ml Round Bottom Flask 3.100ml Round Bottom Flask 4.50ml Round Bottom Flask 5.25ml Round Bottom Flask 6.Thermometer Adapter 7.Hollow Glass Stopper 8.Bleed Tube 9.Distillation Column,200mm Jacket Length 10.West Condenser,190mm Jacket Length 11.Separatory Funnel,125ml 12.Vaccum Take-Off Adapter 13.Claisen Adapter 14.Distillation Adapter,75 angle


1.500ml round bottom flask

2.250ml round bottom flask

3.100ml round bottom flask

4.50ml round bottom flask

5.25ml round bottom flask

6.Thermometer adapter

7.Hollow glass stopper

8.Bleed tube

9.Distillation column,200mm jacket length

10.West condenser,190mm jacket length

11.Separatory funnel,125ml

12.Vaccum take-off adapter

13.Claisen adapter

14.Distillation adapter,75 angle

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Orangic Chemistry Kit Lab Kit Glass Adapter Flask Funnel Condenser Laboratory Glassware Lab Glassware Laboy Glass

Special Price $206.00 Regular Price $364.00