Organic Chemistry Lab Glassware Kit Laboratory Glassware 33Pcs

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  • COMPONENT----This kit includes most commonly used lab jointed glassware with 24/40 joint and other accessories like penny head stopper,cork stand,bosshead clamp,3finger double adjustabe clamp,plastic andalloy joint clips.The glassware includes thermometer adapter,vacuum adapter,claisen adapter,3 way thermometer adapter,3 way distillation adapter,liebig condenser,allihn condenser,fractinal column,graham condenser,separatory funnel, buchner funnel.
  • USE----This kit can be used to assemble a simple distillation apparatus,a water and steam distillation apparatus, a fractionation distillation apparatus,a reflux setup.Allihn,graham condenser are usually used as a reflux condenser,while liebig condenser can be used both in a distillation apparatus but also a reflux setup.The separatory funnel with two joints can be also be used as an addtion funnel.
  • DIMENSIONS------All the glass condensers in this kit are 300mm in effective length.The single neck, 2 neck ,3 neck flask with capacity from 250mL to 1000mL,the separatory funnel is with capacity of 250mL,all the joints in this kit are 24/40.
  • HEAVY WALL ---This lab glassware is heavy-wall designed , made by hand-blowing according to ASTM E438 ,made of high-quality borosilicate glass and annealed at 800 degree Celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in Chemistry processes like heating and cooling,durable and reusable.


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This advanced lab glassware and clamps kit included 38items,which are commonly used in the organic chemistry for distillation,extraction,reflux,reaction. 1.Vacuum or inert gas adapter with 24/40 joint and hose connection 1pcs
2.Cap type 24/40 stopper with outer joint 1pcs
3.24/40 thermometer adapter 1pcs
4..Bosshead clamp for rods dia.up to 16mm 3pcs
5.3 finger double adjust-able clamp large size accept objects from 0-70mm 1pcs
6.24# metal joint clips 5pcs
7.24# plastic joint clips 5pcs
8.3 neck angled round bottom flask with 24/40 center joint and side joints 250mL 1pcs
9.Single neck flat bottom flask 250mL 24/40 1pcs
10.Evaporation flask 24/40 500mL 1pcs
11.3 way thermometer adapter 24/40 1pcs
12.24/40 claisen adapter 1pcs
13.3 way distillation adapter 1pcs
14.24/40 vacuum take off adapter 1pcs
15.2 neck 1000mL round bottom flask with 24/40 joints 1pcs
16.Single neck 1000mL round bottom flask with 24/40 joints 1pcs
17.Cork stand 120mm in diameter for 500mL flask 1pcs
18.24/40 liebig condenser 300mm in length 1pcs
19.24/40 Vigreux distillation column 300mm 1pcs
20.24/40 Graham condenser 300mm 1pcs
21.24/40 allihn condenser 300mm 1pcs
22.250mL separatory funnel with 24/40 joints 1pcs
23.150mL buchner funnel with 24/40 joint 1pcs
24.24/40 penny head stopper 1pcs.