Organic Chemistry Laboratory Glassware Kit 16 Pcs

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  • Fractional Distillation is used to separate liquids with closer boiling points,with the fractional column, the vaporization and condensations take place repeatedly before the distillate is collected,the components of a mixture can be separated in a more efficient way.
  • The cow type receiving set used to receive the condensate from the distillation condenser( liebig,coiled) in a distillation apparatus,the upper distribution adapter designed similar to a take off adapter but with a long drip tubing,with glass hose connections for vacuum distillation.The lower rotating cow receiver allows four receiving flasks to be progressively filled
  • This distillation apparatus kit includes 1000mL,500mL round bottom flasks,250mm erlenmeyer flask as distillation and receiving flasks,liebig condenser,distillation column,3 way thermometer adapter, cow tye distillation receiving set,All the glassware are with 24/40 standard taper joints.
  • Laboy glassware are all made of high quality boroslicate glass according to ASTM E438,heavy wall design,durable and reusable.The ground joints are precisely grounded according to US standard.
This is a revised fractional distillation with a better receive vessel which is a bent rotation cow receiver set with four receiving flasks allowing the collection of four distillation fractions without breaking the distillation ;The receiver can simply be rotated to change the receiver arm when a new distillation fractions is called for .
This revised fractional kit is including the glassware parts with 24/40 joints and joint clips :
1. 3 way thermometer adapter used as a distillation head accommodating a glass thermometer 1pcs
2. Vigreux distillation column 200mm in indentation length used as a fractional columnwhich is placed between the distillation flask and distillation head.1pcs
3. Liebig condenser 200mm in jacket length used to condense the vapor into distillate 1pcs
4. Distillation receiving adapter bent with long curved drip tube 1pcs
5.Retation cow receiver 1pcs
6.Single neck round bottom flask 24/40 50mL attached to the cow receiver as receiving flask.4 pcs
7. Single neck round bottom flask 24/40 500mLused as a distillation flask 1pcs
8. Cork stand 120mm in diameter for 500mL flask 1pcs
9. 24# plastic clip for standard taper joint,10 pcsu
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Orangic Chemistry Kit Lab Kit Adapter Flask Funnel Condenser Laboratory Glassware Laboy Glass

Special Price $170.79 Regular Price $322.60