Organic chemistry laboratory glassware kit 16 pcs

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  • Organic chemistry kit
  • With 24/40 joints
  • Made of boroslicate glass3.3
  • Made by hand-blowing


Including 16 pcs:

1. Distilling thermometer adapter 3-way 24/40 1pcs

2. Distilling column condenser vigreux 200mm in indentation length with 24/40joints 1pcs

3. Liebig condenser with 24/40 joint 200mm in jacket length 1pcs

4. Distillation receiving set complete 24/40 1pcs

5. Single neck round bottom flask 24/40 500ml 1pcs

6. Cork stand 120mm in diameter for 500ml flask 1pcs

9. 24/40 plastic clip for standard taper joint,10 pcs

All items are made by hand-blowing ,with uniform wall thickness.