Plastic Clip For 40/50 Standard Taper Joint 5Pcs

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  • Made of polyacetal,withstand temperatures below 150 degree C ,not resistant to the corrosive gases.
  • Used to hold ground glass joints glassware when assembling lab set-ups (reflux, distillation, sublimation, Schlenk lines, etc.)
  • 45# green joint clip used to hold and fix the lab glassware apparatus with 45/50 taper Joints.
  • Ideal for the distillation kit,hold the 24/40 flask with thermometer adapter or claisen adapter tightly.
Made of polyacetal,withstand temperatures up to 302 degree F (150 degree C),not resistant to the corrosive gases..Used to connect a 45#(the largest diameter for the joint is 45mm) inner taper joint and a 45# outer taper joint.
The concial joint clips are particularly useful for holding glass-on-glass ground taper joints together. Especially when dealing withd distillation or vacuum systems, you’ll want to be sure that your glassware are held together
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Special Price $12.71 Regular Price $26.71