Reflux Condenser Large Cooling Capacity 350mm In Overall Height 24/40 With Removable Hose Connections

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  • The Dimroth condenser used as reflux condenser is more effective than liebig condenser, allihn condenser,graham condenser,coiled condenser.It provides larger cooling surface than the coiled condenser.Comparing to the graham-style condenser(liebig,allihn,graham),the Dirmroth condenser is Excellent for use with high vapor pressure solvents
  • An assembly of a reflux apparatus usually includes a Dimroth condenser,a round bottom flask,a drying tube,a separtory funnel or equalizing pressure funnel.If the flask is single-neck,a claisen adapter should be applied to provide an extra entry.If the flask is three-neck,the middle neck can be fitted a PTFE stirring shaft for better heating performance.
  • The coil style Dimroth condenser designed with tightly wrapped coil,jacket with an O.D.of 40mm while coil with an O.D.of 8mm , providing larger cooling surface than HMC010603.It has a 24/40 top outer standard taper joint and lower inner drip tip joint.With removable hose connections.The coil length is 175mm,overall height is 350mm
  • Laboy glass condensers are all made of high quality boroslicate glass according to ASTM E438,heavy wall design,durable and reusable.The ground joints are precisely grounded according to US standard.
Refluxing is an organic reaction process of heating a solution while continually condensing the vapor from the boiling flask and returning the liquid to the reaction flask(the same boiling flask).
A glass condenser is a core part in a reflux apparatus, which requires a condenser capable of providing a large cold surface to help condensing the escaping vapour and a restriction free passage for its return to the reaction flask.
There are several types of condensers can be used in reflux: liebig condenser,graham condenser,allihn condenser,coiled condenser,Dimroth Condenser, graham Condenser, Friedrichs Condenser.
This item is a Dimroth condenser having an O.D.of 40mm,it is with larger cooling capacity than HMC010603 which has an O.D.of 28mm, ideal for reflux,this coil style condenser designed with tightly wrapped double internal coil providing large cooling surface, the coolant goes through the coils and the inlet and outlet are both at the top. Vapour travels from bottom to top. Comparing to the traditional coil condensers which have single coil and coolant inlet and outlet at top and bottom,the Dimroth condenser is more effective,excellent for use with volatile solvents.
An assembly of a reflux apparatus usually includes a Dimroth condenser for reflux,a round bottom flask for heating the mixture,sometimes a drying tube is applied on the reflux condenser to prevent prevent atmospheric moisture from entering a reaction system.When it is necessary to add reagents druing the reflux period,a separatory funnel can be used as a dropping funnel,or a pressure equalizing funnel used as the additional funnel.If the round bottom boiling flask has only one neck,a claisen adapter provides a second entry into the flask. For a 3 neck flask, the middle neck can be placed a ptfe stirring shaft with a suitable adapter.
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Special Price $71.39 Regular Price $110.49