Separatory Funnel 125ml With Two 24/40 Joints And 2mm Ptfe Stopcock

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  • Separatory funnel
  • capacity of 125mL
  • with two 24/40 joints
  • with 4mm PTFE stopcock


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The separatory funnel is also known as separation funnel, separating funnel, or colloquially sep funnel, is a piece of laboratory glassware used in liquid-liquid extractions to separate the components of a mixture into two immiscible solvent phases of different densities.
With shape of a cone and PTFE stopcock at bottom,and with a standard taper outer joint at Top,an inner joint at bottom.
Laboy glass flasks are heavy wall designed,made by hand-blowing to ensure uniform wall thickness, made of high-quality borosilicate glass and annealed at 800 degree Celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in Chemistry processes like heating and cooling.
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