Short Path Head For Distillation Apparatus Vith Vacuum Jacked With 24/40 Join And 10/18 Thermomter Joint

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  • KEY COMPONENT IN SHORT PATH DISTILLATION----The short path distillation head is the core of a vacuum short path distillation apparatus involving the vapor from the heating flask travelling a short distance before being condensed at reduced pressure ideal for separating compounds that are unstable at higher temperatures and purifying small quantities of compound.
  • COMPACT DESIGN-----It is designed with a very short vacuum jacked path with indentations for vapor passing from the heating flask to a connected condenser part worked as a jacked distillation column,connecting a short liebig condenser.With sealed in thermometer joint at top accommodating a glass thermometer with 10/18 joint,instead of an extra thermometer is combined multi functions of a 3 way connecting adapter,a thermometer adapter,a liebig condenser,a jacked vigreux column
  • DIMENSIONS-----With a 24/40 standard male joint at top used for a distillation flask(round bottom flask or pear shaped flask),the other 24/40 male joint at side to connect a cow type distillation receiver for distributing distillate into three receiving flasks.With 10/18 female joint at top accommodating a glass thermometer with 10/18 joint and 50mm immersion.With three 10mm glass hose connections on the condenser part. With indentations in the short path near the heating flask,vacuum jacked.
  • HIGH QUALITY---Laboy glass distillation heads are all made of high quality boroslicate glass according to ASTM E440,heavy wall design,durable and reusable.The ground joints are precisely grounded according to US standard.
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  • Short path distillation is a compact purification method of vacuum distillation involving the vapor from the heating flask (a round bottom flask with standard joint)travelling a short distance, often only a few centimeters into the tubing before being condensed.A short path ensures that little compound is lost on the sides of the apparatus.Because it uses a lower boiling temperature, short-path distillation equipment has advantage for separating compounds that are unstable at higher temperatures. It’s also beneficial for purifying small quantities of compound.
  • The short path distillation head is a key component in a short path distillation apparatus,the distillation head is designed with vacuum jacket to control the temperature fluctuate during reaction worked as a short-path jacketed distillation column .Comparing to the liebig condenser in a conventional distillation apparatus,the liebig condenser part is very short too.The short path distilling usually takes place in vacuum,there is an extra glass hose connection designed at the end of the condenser part for vacuum purpose.
  • In a short path distillation,a distilling head is usually inserted into a distillation flask(round bottom flask)where the vapor is from with the lower male joint.The upper 10/18 thermometer joint accommodates a glass thermometer with 10/18 joint .The male joint at the end of the condenser part is used to connect a cow type receiver to distribute the distillates into receiving flasks.With three hose connections on the condenser parts accommodating rubber tubing for water and vacuum.
  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass 3.3 having very low coefficients of thermal expansion for resistance to heat, and a very high resistance to chemical attack.Annealed at 800 degree Celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in Chemistry processes like heating and cooling.


US Standard Size Joint Will Fit into European Standard Size Joint

Standard Taper Ground Glass Joints are interchangable.For either frosted, presicon-ground standard taper joints (same size),the inner ground surfaces (male joint) make a good seal with the outer(female joint)). The joint size is described by the form A/B. The first number A represents the outer diameter (OD) in millimeters (mm) at the widest point of the inner (male) joint and the second number B represents the length of the joint. For example, a 14/20 joint is 14 mm wide at the top (the widest part) and is 20 mm in longth. The joint has a standard taper 1:10, any two joints (male and female) with the same outside diameter (A)can fit into each other ,no matther how lenght the joints are. For example, a 24/40 (US standard size) joint on a condenser will fit into a 24/29 (European standard size)flask but the ground glass joint will protrude (40 - 29) 11mm into the flask.

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Material: Borosilicate Glass(PYREX Glass)

Silicon content>80%
Strain and Temperature520℃
Annealing temperature800℃
Index of refraction1.47
Elastic modulus E67KNmm-2
Tensile strength40-120Nmm-2
Processing temperature(104dpas1220℃
Coefficient thermal expansion(20-300℃) (3.3±0.1)×10-6/K -1
Poisson's ratio μ0.2
Specific heat0.9Jg-1K-1
Thermal conductivity(20-100℃)1.2Wm-1K-1
Water resistance1 Level
Acid resistance1 Level
Alkali resistance2 Level
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