Vacuum Take-Off Adapter Short Stem Bent With 14/20 Glass Joints

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  • Short stem bent vacuum take-off adapter designed with 14/20 upper outer and lower inner joint,hose connection,sealed-in drip tip
  • The 8mm hose connector allows for flexible tubing to be connected to apparatus for introduction of vacuum or pressure
  • Used to connect glass condenser to a receiving flask with joint in vacuum distillation.
  • The glass adapter is made of borosilicate glass 3.3,high quality,heavy wall,durable and reusable
Glass Vacuum take-off adapter,105degree bent,short stem design,with 14/20 standard outer joint at top to add a vacuum line to a setup,the 14/20 lower inner joint is used to facilitate a more vertical relationship with the receiving glassware.
With serrated hose connection. The glass hose connector has an O.D.of 8mm at the largest serration ideal for vent or introducing glass or vacuum during a vacuum distillation,fractionation etc in organic chemistry,accepts 3/8'' ID flexible rubber or PTFE tubing.
With sealed-in drip tip ,used to connect a glass condenser to a receiving flask for vacuum distillation.
Laboy Glass vacuum take of adapter is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and annealed at 800 degree Celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in chemistry processes like heating and cooling.
All the jointed glassware products in Laboy are made by hand-blowing,heavy wall design,for the interchangeable joints,they are finely grounded both by machine and hand to ensure leak free.All the glass joints has a standard 1:10 taper, it can fit any glassware with joint which has the same taper and same outside diameter as long as the apparatus to which they are attached does not interfere. For example, an adapter with 14/20 male joint will fit into a 14/35 flask.
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Special Price $13.94 Regular Price $23.23