Vacuum Trap with 10mm Serrated Hose 200mm Length Below The Joint with 24/40 Joint

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With 24/40 joint for easy removal of condensate.
With 10mm serrated hose connections.
200mm length below the joint.

Vacuum trap,also called cold trap,is used to condense all vapors except the permanent gases into a liquid or solid.With joint for easy removal of condense.
Serrated hose connections for side tube have an O.D.of 13mm at the smallest serration and 16mm at the largest serration.
Center tube hose connection is always 10mm for easy connection to manifold bank tubes which are also with 10mm hose connectiom.
Laboy glass flasks are heavy wall designed,made by hand-blowing to ensure uniform wall thickness, made of high-quality borosilicate glasss and annealed at 800 degree Celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in chemistry processes like heating and cooling.