Laboy Glass Allihn Condenser for Efficient Soxhlet Extraction

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  • This is a special allihn condenser only with bottom male joint inserting to a soxhlet extractor body ,the size is larger with an inner tube consisting of a series of bulbs which increase the surface area availiable for vapor condensation surrounded by an outer jacket tube.This design can improve the cooling performance,in practise, the allihn condenser can be replaced by a liebig condenser, coiled condenser,dirmoth condenser or graham condenser used as a reflux condenser.

In a soxhlet extraction apparatus, this allihn condenser with lower male joint attached the soxhlet extractor body cools the solvent vapour from the boiling flask and drips back down into the thimble containing the solid material. With 10mm O.D.hose connections at top and bottom accommodating 8mm I.D.rubber tubing,the cool water flows in from the lower hose ,and flows out from the upper hose.

Laboy glass ware are all made of high quality boroslicate glass according to ASTM E438,heavy wall design,durable and reusable.The ground joints are precisely grounded according to US standard.

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