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This short stem 105DGR bent take off adapter with sealed-in drip tip is used to connect a condenser to a receiving flask for vacuum distillation,with hose connection.

The adapter with top outer joint and bottom inner joint,used with condensers and flasks with joints. laboy glass are all made of high-quality borosilicate glass and made by hand-blowing to ensure uniform wall thickness.

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HMA015501Vacuum Take-Off Adapter Short Stem Bent With 14/20 Glass Joints
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HMA015502Vacuum Take-Off Adapter Short Stem Bent With 19/22 Glass Joints
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HMA015503Vacuum Take-Off Adapter Short Stem Bent with 24/40 Glass Joints
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HMA015504Vacuum Take-Off Adapter Short Stem Bent With 29/42 Glass Joints
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  • The top joint is at 105 degree bent, ideal for receiving a downward liebig or west condenser.
  • Short stem design, with sealed in drip tip,guide the condensed liquid into the receiving flask or a separatory funnel.
  • With standard joints at top and bottom providing a leakfree and easy way to join all the lab glassware required in one set-up.
  • With 10mm hose connections,in a simple steam or fractional distillation, this hose connection is open to air ,in a vacuum distillation,the hose connection accepting 3/8” ID flexible heavy-wall vacuum tubing to a trap,vacuum source and manomete for vent or introducing vacuum or gas into the reaction system.

Material and workmanship:

  • The jointed vacuum take off adapter is made of high quality borosilcate glass 3.3 having very low coefficients of thermal expansion and making more resistant to thermal shock,all the glassware supplied by laboy are annealed at 800 degree Celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in chemistry processes like heating and cooling.
  • All the jointed glassware products in Laboy are made by hand-blowing,heavy wall design,for the interchangable joints,they are finely grounded both by machine and hand to ensure leakfree.All the glass joints has a standard 1:10 taper, it can fit any glassware with joint which has the same taper and same outside diameter as long as the apparatus to which they are attached does not interfere.


  • The bent vacuum take off adapter is an important and common part for the lab glassware in orgainc chemistry.It is mainly used in the simple distillation, steam distillation,fractioinal distillation,vacuum distillation connecting the liebig or west conenser with the receiving flask or separtory funnel.In the simple distillation,steam distillation, fractional distillation, the 10mm hose connection can be open to air,but in the vacuum distillation,the hose connection accepting a heavy-walled vacuum tube to vent or introducing gas or vacuum into the reaction system.

Why choose Laboyglass?

  1. We focus on the joined lab glassware by hand-blowing ,you may find everything about the hand-made jointed lab glassware from us,we have more than 800 kinds of products in stock,if you can't find the item you need,please let us know.
  2. We always insist on providing good quality lab glassware ,our products has been sold to hundreds of universities in US,AU,CA,has earned a good name for our qualified products.

Laboy Glass Vacuum Take off Adapter with Tapter Joints and Hose connections

We have four sizes for the vacuum take off adapter for supplying now, 14/20,19/22,24/40,29/42, the most common size for using is the 24/40 adapter,it can easily find other glassware parts like liebig condenser, round bottom flask to assemble a distillation set-up in organic chemistry.

vacuum take off adapter 14/20 glass adapter lab glassware lab adapter


glass bent vacuum adapter 19/22 glass adapter take off lab glassware for orgainc chemistry


vacuum take off glass adapter 24/40 adapter connecting glass condenser and receiving flask


vacuum take off adapter 29/42 glass adapter lab glassware lab adapter


Dimensions of Taper Joints

Interchangable taper ground joint 14/20 19/22 24/40 29/42 45/50

Interchangable ground taper joint

  • All the glassware from Laboy are with interchangable ground joint at US standard.All the joints are grinded both by machine and hand to ensure a leakfree way to make a perfect seal when properly greased.
  • The number (14/20,19/22,24/40,29/42,45/50etc) on the joint symbols the size of the joint.For example,24/40,the O.D of the larger end is 24mm,the height of the ground zone is 40mm.
  • All the glass joints has a standard 1:10 taper, it can fit any glassware with joint which has the same taper and same outside diameter as long as the apparatus to which they are attached does not interfer.

The items used together with the vacuum take off adapter

24/40 liebig condenser 300mm in jacket length lab condenser distillation condenser lab glassware3 way thermometer adapter distilling head glass adapter 24/40 adapter lab glasswarekeck clip joint clip 24# joint clamp lab clamp plastic joint clipglass boiling flask round bottom flask distillation flask 24/40 glass flask lab glassware

Laboy HMC012507 Glass Liebig Condenser 300 mm Jacket Length

  • Liebig condenser is a simple-design glass condenser, used as a part of distillation apparatus.
  • Consists of an inner straight tube to condense vapors and an outer jacket through which the coolant flows.
  • With serrated glass hose connection having an O.D. Of 10mm at the largest serration, to be used with 8mm tubing for water in and out.
  • It will connect a distillation head and vacuum take-off adapter during the distillation process.

Laboy HMA016103-LB 3 Way Distilling Thermometer Adapter

  • The 3 way distilling thermometer adapter has a compression cap to form a vacuum tight seal of plain thermometer on Top.
  • With two inner joints at bottom and side,and the two joints are at a angle of 75 Degree .The bottom joint is usually connected to a distilling column for fractionation distillation or a distilling flask for the steam or vacuum distillation.
  • The side joint may connect to a liebig or west condenser for water in and out when the temperation below 150 degree C,connect a air condenser if temperature above 150 degree C.
  • The compression cap and o-ring fitting the thread opening at the top of the adapter, accommodating a thermometer or bleeding tube.

Laboy ASCS002440S Polyacetal Conical Joint Clips

  • Made of polyacetal,withstand temperatures up to 302 degree F (150 degree C),not resistant to the corrosive gases.The concial joint clips are particularly useful for holding glass-on-glass ground taper joints together.
  • Especially when dealing withd distillation or vacuum systems, you’ll want to be sure that your glassware are held together

Laboy HMF010331 Glass Single Neck Round Bottom Boiling Flask 1000 mL

  • Round-bottom flasks (also called round-bottomed flasks, Flasks, round bottom, or RB Flasks)having spherical bottoms are more resistant to fracturing under vacuum, as a sphere more evenly distributes stress across its surface. Because of the spherical bottom, cork rings are needed to keep the round bottom flasks upright.
  • When in use, round-bottom flasks are commonly held at the neck by flask clamps on a stand. The flasks are usually used in heating or boiling a liquid, in distillation as distilling flasks and receiving flasks for the distillate, used as the distilling flasks in rotary evaporators.

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